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The Challenge of Removing Pet Odor From Your Carpet

Many people do not notice the unpleasant smell of pet odor in their home when they have been inside for awhile. However, if you leave the home for a few hours, you undoubtedly will have a wall of harsh pet odor hit you when you walk through the front door. The last thing you want is to have a stinky home, and you may have tried everything you can think of to get rid of the odor. This may have included vacuuming the carpet and upholstery, using air fresheners and even bathing your pets more frequently. When you need carpet pet odor removal in your home, you may need to set up professional removal...

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Important Tips to Remove Dog Pee Smell from Carpet

Having a pet in your home can be one of the most enjoyable experiences possible. A small dog or cat is known to bring quite a bit of happiness, a significant reduction in stress, and offer a unique companion to spend your time with in the off hours of the day. Unfortunately, being an animal, dogs tend to have accidents on rare occasions, especially when they are first being trained. These accidents, especially for those who have carpet in their homes, can be a very costly and smelly situation to handle. The dog urine seeps into the carpet, creating a rather foul odor to deal with. In order to remove...

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Remove Odors and Stains From Your Carpet to Interrupt Your Dog’s Communication Hotline

Dogs come from cave dwellers which means that they never use a toilet inside their cave because they like cleanliness, but things change when your dog moves inside to your cave. You demand a clean cave too, and it’s possible for you to become a slave to your dogs feces. As long as you clean it up, he is the king, and you are his housekeeper. Your dog is a unique animal that is very active in his communications with the rest of the canine world. Just like you use your computer to send emails to your pals, “Spot” has his own notification system that has survived through the ages....

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