Carpet Cleaning Services

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning for Your Home

Carpet Cleaning ServicesDid you know that regular carpet cleanings can extend the life of your carpet and improve your health? Dirt in your carpet can wear down carpet fibers and damage carpet and make it look older than it really is; and dust mites, bacteria, dirt and dust that are deep within your carpets can be bad for your health. Sanitizing your carpet is important to your health. Bacteria and dust mites can be especially problematic to young children and those with complex health issues. Pet dander and pet hair can be difficult to remove from carpet and make allergy sufferers experience more symptoms.

Whether you have children constantly running through your house tracking mud on your carpet or you must deal with stains from your pets that are difficult to remove, carpet cleaning is a chore that no one wants to do. Getting down on your hands and knees for hours trying to scrub at a stain or problem area will leave you with a bad back and sore arms and most likely, frustration.

Avoid the hassle of cleaning your own carpet by hiring our professional carpet cleaning company.

Professional Carpet Cleaners with Extensive Knowledge

There are a variety of different types of carpets, and you’re probably unaware of the exact type you have and what methods are best to remove carpet stains. This is where we come in with our knowledge and experience to provide the best solution for you and your home.

Homeowners across the country waste money on store bought cleaning products only to discover they aren’t effective for their carpet. Save time and money by hiring Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets instead. Our experienced carpet cleaners have years of knowledge and the proper tools and cleaning supplies to do the job correctly the first time, at an affordable rate.

Protection Against Future Damage

Improperly cleaning and scrubbing your carpets can cause irreversible damage. The constant scrubbing will take years off of their life and make your carpets look like they were installed decades ago.

One of the best benefits of having a professional clean your carpets is the added protection they can give you. Our team will perform the cleaning with a protective chemical layer that is child and pet friendly, which will help you avoid stains in the future. If you should happen to spill something on your carpets, simply dab it with a paper towel and watch the liquid disappear without a trace.

Commercial Level Cleaning Equipment & Solutions

Much of the equipment used is either truck mounted or commercial-sized steam cleaners. Using this type of equipment ensures that your job is completed correctly, efficiently and in the least amount of time possible. The cleaning solution used is also chemical free, which means you won’t have to worry about your family’s safety or the air quality in your home.

We all know the process of cleaning carpet is time consuming and hard work. Leave the dirty work for the professionals and contact us today for a free, no obligation quote!