Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Leave Tile & Grout Cleaning to Our Team

Tile & Grout CleaningWhen it comes time to clean the bathroom, there’s always one chore most people despise. It isn’t scrubbing the toilet or cleaning old toothpaste off the sink. Instead, our customers tell us they cringe when it’s time to clean the tile and grout. Regardless of the number of tile and grout cleaners you may have invested in, nothing seems to get the floors and showers sparkling clean.

Finally, frustrated with endless hours of attempting to scrub your floors and get them shining and clean again, you rely on the pros, like Above & Beyond who are always available for hire to come in with our professional tile and grout cleaning team to leave you satisfied and stress free once you see the results we create.

Hire Us to See the Professional Difference

At Above & Beyond, our professional tile and grout cleaners have the necessary gear and equipment like specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction tools to tackle these difficult cleaning jobs.

  • We don’t use harsh tile and grout cleaners
  • We apply safer and effective methods that will not harm your flooring
  • We restore the luster and shine to your tiles as well as your grout
  • Our maintenance service keeps routine cleanings every 12-18 months to improve the look of your floors and showers, but will also enable you to better maintain and clean them yourself in between servicing

Most Store Bought Tile & Grout Cleaners Just Don’t Work

Tile and grout are made of a porous substance and therefore act like a sponge in their ability to absorb dirt, bacteria and dust. This build-up over time makes it next to impossible to scrub these areas completely dirt free when it comes time for cleaning.

The grout and tile cleaners you find at your local store simply treat the surface and cannot pull out the grime that has been impacted deep within and many contain chemicals that can be harsh to your skin and lungs. Avoid the gloves and harsh cleaners that are not safe for use around your children or pets.

Our area of expertise is doing everything the store bought cleaners can’t. We use heated steam and pressure to lift grime from the tile, leaving it spotless and bright, while the grout is left undamaged and as clean as the day it was applied.

Schedule Your Tile & Grout Cleaning Appointment Today

Whether you are tile cleaning or scrubbing grout, cleaning your floors can be a hassle as well as create pain in your back, wrists and knees. Hiring our professionals is a safe and effective way to restore your floors and showers to their original shine again and again. Make an appointment today — you won’t be disappointed!