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Upholstery CleaningWhen you need upholstery and leather cleaning services, call Above & Beyond for professionally trained technicians to handle any large or small cleaning needs on couches, beds, chairs and other upholstered or leather furniture; and don’t forget your car interiors.

Sanitizing your upholstered furniture and mattresses is important to your health. Bacteria and dust mites can be particularly problematic to young children and those with complex health issues. Pet dander and pet hair can be difficult to remove from any surface and make allergy sufferers suffer more.

We analyze your fabric, fibers, and stain in order to recommend the best treatment solution, while not breaking the bank and giving you back your great looking, cleaned piece of furniture. We also analyze, so not to cause any further damage to the affected areas. Not every type of stain requires the same type of cleanser to dissolve and lift embedded debris, so the wrong cleansers on stains such as grape juice or red wine can make the damage worse by forcing the debris deeper into the fabric’s surface. This is something we work hard to avoid at all costs and why we spend time making sure the stain can be removed in an efficient manner.

Our upholstery cleaning team also understands and has worked with many types of fabric, which is highly important, to avoid saturating certain fabrics like wool with liquid or melting polyester with steam sanitizing methods. Give us a call today to discuss your issues with stained upholstery, so we can help!

Why It’s Important to Schedule Appointments Fast

Contacting our upholstery and leather cleaning company as soon as possible is imperative to saving furniture, such as couches, love seats and chairs and keeping them in the best condition possible. Acting fast from your end can mean our team can get out to your home or business sooner to help keep stains from growing, sitting, or getting deeper into the fabric.

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