Professional Stain Removal Services

Don’t Let Stains Sit. You Need to Act Fast!

Pink paint spilled on cream coloured carpet with brush.It is essential to treat stains as soon as possible so they don’t get ground in or set in your carpets, rugs, or furniture. Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning attends to your stains quickly while being flexible to your schedule. Acting fast from your end can mean our team can get out to your home or business sooner to help keep stains from growing, sitting, or getting deeper into the carpets, rugs, or fabric. We act fast!

Store Bought & DIY Stain Removers Don’t Get the Job Done Right

Many of our first-time customers have made the mistake of tackling tough stains on their own with products that don’t work. This often leaves their carpets, rugs, and upholstery damaged from scrubbing and only sets the stain and can make stain removal more challenging for the professionals. Our return customers know the ability of the experts at Above & Beyond to remove all types of stains properly the first time, leaving no evidence that a stain was ever present.

Combat Pet Stains & Odors Working with Our Professional Stain Removal Team

Many of our customers have pets in their homes and these pets can have accidents on carpets, hardwoods and also fabric covered furniture requiring fast sanitizing to remove unsightly stains and strong odors. Fortunately, Above & Beyond offers fast appointment times at both commercial and residential properties. Our team arrives in a company service truck ready to go with steam and extraction machines along with an assortment of environmentally friendly cleansers to begin removing debris and stains from your home’s furniture immediately.

Years of Analysis & Knowledge of Stain Removal Set Us Apart

Understanding the types of difficult stains on carpet, rug, or upholstery surfaces is essential. A ketchup stain requires a different treatment than a stain caused by blood or pets. Our specialized products dedicated specifically for different types of stain removal allows Above & Beyond to remove all varieties of stains quickly and efficiently, leaving no damage to your materials.

We analyze your carpet and rug fibers, fabric and the stain in order to suggest the best treatment solution, while being cost effective and leaving you with an undamaged, unstained product. We also evaluate, so not to cause any further damage to the affected areas. Not every type of stain requires the same type of cleanser to dissolve and lift embedded debris, so the wrong cleansers on stains such as grape juice or red wine can make the damage worse by forcing the debris deeper into the fabric’s surface. This is something we strive to avoid at all costs and why we take time to ensure the stain can be removed in an effective manner.

We Can’t Do It Alone. Our Professional Equipment is Top of the Line.

One of the main reasons why Above & Beyond is so good at removing stains is the equipment and cleaning solutions we use. Our equipment used is truck mounted commercial-sized steam cleaners. Using this type of equipment ensures that your tough stains are removed correctly, efficiently and in the least amount of time possible. The pre-treatments used are also chemical free, which means you won’t have to worry about your family’s safety or the air quality in your home.

We all know the process of removing carpet, rug and upholstery stains can cause a significant amount of headaches and stress. Replacing these items can also be very costly. Let us handle your stains; we aren’t content until you are satisfied with the results!