Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions Rated Among the
Top in the Raleigh-Triangle

Hardwood Floor CleaningWe provide professional hardwood cleaning services performed by knowledgeable technicians at commercial and residential properties for many years from the North Carolina coast to the Raleigh-Triangle region.

We are known for arriving on time at your home or business for estimates and for beginning the new project. Before starting any hardwood cleaning job for sanitizing, we determine the exact type of wood to avoid damaging the surface. Using the incorrect cleansers on floors made of oak, maple or walnut can lead to discolorations or degraded surfaces that are unattractive, require repair and decrease the value those gorgeous wood floors provide your home or office.

We use top-of-the-line equipment to perform our hardwood cleaning tasks quickly.

We Protect Other Surfaces & Furnishings As Needed

Upon arriving at the job site, our hardwood floor cleaners help keep other surfaces and furniture as it was before we do our tasks, such as:

  • We move furniture from the area to prevent damage from surfactants or equipment
  • We protect baseboards with devices that do not remove paint or stains
  • Our hardwood floor cleaning machines are designed to never mark surfaces with large wheels or metal brackets
  • We use the appropriate paste or compound along with a soft cloth to rub away debris when cleaning hardwoods with difficult stains
  • We offer deep sanitizing in old homes that are undergoing remodeling or light washing for new homes that need a spring-cleaning
  • We pay special attention to the small crevices between the planks or tiles of wood to ensure hard particles are removed
  • And so much more!

Our Professionals Apply Protective Floor Sealants

Clean hardwoods should have a high sheen from buffing machines that do not abrade the floor surfaces. Therefore, we remove protective waxes that are peeling or yellowing to wash planks before polishing gently. After completing the sanitizing process, we recommend a new application of a protective coating to prevent heel marks, pet waste stains and discolorations from spilled beverages. Protective coating also assists with preserving wood floors in buildings while making the surfaces easier to vacuum and mop each week.

Give us a call today if you’re seeking professionals to handle your hardwood floor cleaning to get them restored to their beautiful, natural shine. We look forward to speaking with you soon!