Important Tips to Remove Dog Pee Smell from Carpet

Having a pet in your home can be one of the most enjoyable experiences possible. A small dog or cat is known to bring quite a bit of happiness, a significant reduction in stress, and offer a unique companion to spend your time with in the off hours of the day. Unfortunately, being an animal, dogs tend to have accidents on rare occasions, especially when they are first being trained. These accidents, especially for those who have carpet in their homes, can be a very costly and smelly situation to handle. The dog urine seeps into the carpet, creating a rather foul odor to deal with. In order to remove dog pee smell from the entire house, one should always consider calling the best carpet cleaning service in the area.

Immediate Action
The first step a new dog owner should take to remove dog pee smell after an accident is to begin blotting the area with towels as soon as possible. After the majority of the urine has been soaked up, put a couple drops of green dish detergent and a little bit of water on the affected area. Place another towel down and then step on the fabric to soak up the urine.

Should the accident have happened a few days prior, though pet odor removal from carpet could be little more troublesome to handle, though not entirely impossible. Sprinkle the affected area with a bit of baking soda and leave it overnight. In the morning, after the spot has dried, spray with distilled white vinegar and wait a little while for the area to be cleaned.

Professional Cleaning
Your best option will always be to call one of the best carpet cleaning service companies in your area to handle the situation. Carpet can be incredible finicky to remove any such odors, especially of the urine has seeped into the floor underneath or has been sitting for a long time. Pet odor removal from carpet is a troublesome experience, but a professional cleaning service has been trained thoroughly to handle such situations with complete ease.

When you hire an outside company to clean the entire affected area – or even your entire home – you are ensuring the carpet will turn out even cleaner than ever before, plus offer a healthier environment for everyone living within.

Call our  local Raleigh carpet cleaning company to ensure the very best results as soon as possible.