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Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Repair Services Done Right!

Why Do People Love Hardwood Floors? Hardwood floors are wildly popular in homes all around the planet. People can’t get enough of hardwood floors for various reasons. These floors are a piece of cake to maintain and keep clean and beautiful. They don’t accumulate dust that can lead to health problems and discomfort. They’re environmentally-friendly as well. There’s no denying the attraction of hardwood floors. That’s also the reason it can be so hard to accept problems with them. If you want to remove scratches from hardwood floors, however, you can easily do...

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Quick Tips for How to Clean Your Floor’s Tile Grout

You might have tile floors or have to deal with kitchen floor stains. Either way, the grout between your tile floors can get grody really quickly. Therefore, it can be tough to know exactly how to clean it. However, you will be able to have cleaner floors with some cleaning solutions and some good old fashioned elbow grease. Before you know it, your tile’s grout will look brand new.  Why Does Grout Get So Dirty? In order to choose the best grout cleaner, you will need to know how tile grout gets dirty. In your bathroom, it is usually mold and mildew that causes your tile grout to become...

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Kitchen Floor Cleaning Tips from the Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning Pros

Nothing beats a freshly cleaned floor, especially if you want to walk around your house barefoot. And in the house, there is no floor dirtier than the kitchen floor. It is the potluck of dirt, grime and grunge. And cleaning it can be a bit tricky as various methods are used depending on the type of floor you have. Read on these simple kitchen floor cleaning tips and learn how to clean kitchen floors effectively. 1. Linoleum Kitchen Floors Cleaning linoleum floors require a little more than just dry dust-mopping or damp-mopping to get rid of the surface dust and grit before it sets in. Once a...

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