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Pet Stain Removal From Furniture. Is It Possible?

People love their pets. However, pets can sometimes be a nuisance because they can leave stains in furniture. Fortunately, these stains do not have to be a permanent part of your furniture. There are things that you can do to remove pet stains from furniture. Find The Stain In many cases, it is easy to find the stain. However, if the stain has already dried, then you may not be able to see it. You can turn off all of the lights in the room and use a black light to identify the stain. Soak Up As Much Of The Urine As Possible If your pet has just soiled the furniture, then you should try to remove...

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Fido Had An Accident? Tackle Tough Urine Stains With These Tips!

As much as you adore your dog, coming home to a pool of urine in the carpet is no fun at all. If not treated effectively, dog urine can leave a lingering odor that is extremely difficult to get rid of and can cause your dog to have more accidents in the same spot. There are certainly several good options to try to remove dog urine from carpet, however. And when in doubt of your own cleaning results you can always call a local carpet cleaning company to professionally clean your carpet. What to Do First Upon discovery, your best bet for complete dog pee small removal is by following these steps. Begin...

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