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Improve the Look of Your Carpeting Through Professional Stretching

When your carpeting is installed, your professional installers will stretch the carpet to ensure that it lays flat and looks great. Through the process of stretching home carpet, your flooring will have the smooth, level appearance that is desirable. When carpeting does not lay flat across the floor, it is more than an aesthetic issue. The ripples and bumps in carpeting can also be a serious safety issue, such as by causing tripping. The simple solution to these types of common carpeting issues is affordable carpet stretching service from our company. Creating a Smooth Surface There are two primary...

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Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching Tips from Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning

Many people do everything that they can in order to care for their carpet. They make sure that they clean their carpet on a regular basis. However, many people neglect to get Cary carpet stretching services. There are several reasons that you should have a carpet repair professional stretch your carpet every five years. Why You Should Hire Cary Carpet Stretching Services Normal wear and tear, children playing and dogs can cause damage to a carpet. They can also cause waves to form inside of a carpet. The carpet material has a tendency to relax over time. If the carpet was loosely installed,...

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Professional Carpet Stretching in Cary from Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning

Everyone likes the way that carpet feels under their feet. However, tripping over bumps and folds is not fun. You know what good carpet should feel like when you walked on new carpet. Your carpet should not feel like a bumpy rug. Your carpet can cause your carpet to develop bumps. There are a number of problems that can result if you have bumps in your carpet. Random buckles, bumps and folds in your carpet Carpet cleaning or vacuuming The carpet bumps continue to get bigger. You are constantly tripping over the carpet. You should call a carpet stretching company if you need to have...

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