Kitchen Floor Cleaning Tips from the Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning Pros

Nothing beats a freshly cleaned floor, especially if you want to walk around your house barefoot. And in the house, there is no floor dirtier than the kitchen floor. It is the potluck of dirt, grime and grunge. And cleaning it can be a bit tricky as various methods are used depending on the type of floor you have. Read on these simple kitchen floor cleaning tips and learn how to clean kitchen floors effectively.

1. Linoleum Kitchen Floors

Cleaning linoleum floors require a little more than just dry dust-mopping or damp-mopping to get rid of the surface dust and grit before it sets in. Once a week, deep-clean your linoleum floors with a small amount of dishwashing detergent mixed in lukewarm water. To protect and keep them shiny, apply wax at least once a month. For heavy traffic areas, re-waxed them as needed.

2. Vinyl Kitchen Floors

Vacuum your vinyl floors regularly. The vacuum gets more dirt from your floors than using a broom. Use neutral and water-based cleaning products for regular cleaning. Avoid soapy products as they leave a residue that attracts dirt over time.

3. Hardwood Kitchen Floors

Regardless of the type of wood, most wood floors only require a vacuum, broom or a dust mop. If your floors do not have a urethane finish, clean them with a damp-mop with a neutral pH wood floor cleaning product. Wipe up spills promptly to keep them looking good and spotless. 

4. Laminate Kitchen Floors

The secret to how to clean kitchen floors that are laminated effectively is regular vacuuming or dust-mopping them with a damp cloth. If the grime or dirt is tough to clean, use a cleaning solution for tough stains. If the stain is still there after all your efforts, look for a local floor cleaning service in your area. They usually have all the necessary tools to clean up difficult-to-remove stains and dirt on your kitchen floors. 

5. Stone Kitchen Floors

Stone kitchen floors are the most vulnerable to stains. Thus, cleaning them regularly is essential. It may sound like a hassle but cleaning stone kitchen floors only require water-mopping and it will only take a few minutes to shine them. 

6. Tile Kitchen Floors

Tile floors also require regular cleaning routine if you want to avoid heavy-duty cleaning. Dirt and grime easily build up on tile floors. One of the most effective kitchen floor cleaning tips is to clean up spills immediately as they happen. For deep tile floor cleaning, use cleaning products that have no surfactant contents as they leave a residue on your floor.

Overall, just like any other parts of your home, kitchen floors also require maintenance. Keeping them clean creates a clean environment for you and your family. For an effective deep kitchen floor cleaning, click here or call us – your local floor cleaning service today.