Remove Odors and Stains From Your Carpet to Interrupt Your Dog’s Communication Hotline

Dogs come from cave dwellers which means that they never use a toilet inside their cave because they like cleanliness, but things change when your dog moves inside to your cave. You demand a clean cave too, and it’s possible for you to become a slave to your dogs feces. As long as you clean it up, he is the king, and you are his housekeeper.

Your dog is a unique animal that is very active in his communications with the rest of the canine world. Just like you use your computer to send emails to your pals, “Spot” has his own notification system that has survived through the ages. He uses it to send messages to would-be intruders, and to mark his territory. His publication’s tool is his urine and feces. 

Your dog has anal glands on either side of the anus. When he defecates, he has the power to apply pressure to the glands and expel a musky scent onto the already deposited feces. This becomes a problem when your carpet is his living quarters. 

Worse still, is the fact that other dogs can analyze his transmissions and stage a counter attack. Soon, you need a professional carpet cleaning company to make your home livable again. If you long for a professionally cleaned carpet to restore cleanliness and sanity to your abode, call today and make an appointment for professionals to perform these steps for a sanitized carpet:

1. Identify Stains

The stains that you can’t see can easily be located by a specialist’s tools, including a black light. Once the “toilets” are mapped, it’s time to apply carpet cleaning techniques. 

2. Explore the Magnitude of the Urine and Feces Stains

The softball-sized stain on the carpet surface has the potential to actually be much larger underneath where it contributes to a saturated padding. Pet urine contains uric acid crystals, making it possible for the sub-floors to be contaminated. Deep carpet odor removal becomes necessary. 

3. Use Rigorous Methods

Professional carpet stain removal is accomplished by trained specialists. Their attention to detail includes a thorough inspection, deep cleaning, and restoration processes. Your carpet undergoes these processes:

  • eliminating all odor
  • performing surface carpet stain removal
  • applying carpet odor removal materials
  • restoring and sealing the surface

Now that you are savvy to your dog’s secret socialization system, you can call today and have your pet’s communications professionally removed. Investing in a professional carpet cleaning company, like Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning, is worth the time and money. Call today. You deserve a fragrant and clean home.