The Challenge of Removing Pet Odor From Your Carpet

Many people do not notice the unpleasant smell of pet odor in their home when they have been inside for awhile. However, if you leave the home for a few hours, you undoubtedly will have a wall of harsh pet odor hit you when you walk through the front door. The last thing you want is to have a stinky home, and you may have tried everything you can think of to get rid of the odor. This may have included vacuuming the carpet and upholstery, using air fresheners and even bathing your pets more frequently. When you need carpet pet odor removal in your home, you may need to set up professional removal service.

The Benefit of Steam Cleaning and Shampooing the Carpet 

Vacuuming may be effective at removing pet odor and some dander from the carpet, but there often is additional debris in the carpet that requires more effort to remove. Steam cleaning is an effective way to remove this pet debris. When you steam clean the carpet, moist steam is injected into your carpet, and this moisture attaches to debris elements in the carpet. The vacuum then suctions the moisture and debris out of the carpet, leaving it cleaner and fresher smelling. Shampooing the carpet provides an additional benefit because it injects soapy water into the carpet for additional cleansing. 

Why Professional Services Are a Good Idea

You could steam and shampoo your carpet on your own, but a better idea is to use professional carpet cleaning services. With professional services, you do not need to worry about lifting or moving heavy furnishings. You also do not have to worry about too much water being used in the cleaning process or about the water not being suctioned up. Wet, soggy carpets can create unpleasant odors in the home and can even lead to mildew growth in some cases. The equipment and techniques used by professionals are better, and this yields superior results. 

If you are ready to improve the smell and overall cleanliness of your carpet through carpet pet odor removal service, contact us today. We are ready to head to your home to get started soon.