Worried About Your Carpets? 4 Winter Tips To Protect Your Carpets From Seasonal Damage

Now that winter is here, it’s more important than ever to protect your carpeting. You might not realize this, but winter can wreak havoc on your carpeting, especially with everything that’s carried in on your feet. Here are three simple tips you can use to protect your carpeting from winter damage.

Start with Clean Carpeting

It may seem counterproductive to clean your carpeting before the messiest time of year, but it’s actually quite beneficial to have one of your local carpet cleaners come out and clean your carpets. Beginning the winter with clean carpet will remove all the dirt and debris from the fibers that could get ground into the carpet fibers. Not only that, but it’s the perfect time to have a protective waterproof stain-fighter applied to your carpets. Protect your carpeting by calling our carpet cleaning company today. While they’re out, ask your carpet cleaning company about any carpet repair tips they might have for you. 

Make Friends with Door Mats

If you don’t usually use door mats, you should start doing that soon. Using door mats will not only keep the dirt off your carpet, it will also keep water, snow, and de-icing agents off your carpets, as well. Water and snow can create moisture problems that can lead to mold problems later. De-icing agents can destroy your carpeting, especially if they’re not removed quickly enough. Avoid the problems altogether by insisting on door mats. You can go even further by placing a shoe shelf at your front door. That will ensure that dirt and moisture really stops at the front door. 

Vacuum More Frequently

Vacuuming your carpeting once a week during most of the year is fine. However, once winter arrives, you need to be vacuuming your carpeting several times a week. In fact, going over your carpeting with a vacuum once a day will go a long way towards preventing damage this winter. For best results, use a vacuum that contains a hepa filter. The hepa filter will help remove allergens that can lead to seasonal allergies. 

Be Prepared for the Quick Cleanups

No matter how careful you are, accidents are going to happen. When they do, you need to be prepared for the quick cleanups. When mud gets tracked onto your carpet, you’ll need to take the appropriate action. 
1. Let the mud dry
2. Carefully remove the dried mud with your vacuum
3. Mix a solution of warm water and grease-cutting dish detergent
4. Blot the spot with the cleaning solution and a white cloth

Don’t let winter destroy your carpets. Use the tips provided here to give them the protection they need. If you haven’t had your carpeting professionally cleaned this winter, call today to schedule an appointment. Local carpet cleaners will take care of your cleaning needs, and provide you with carpet repair tips, as well.