Types of Carpet Treated By Our Raleigh Carpet Cleaning Company

The professional carpet cleaners at Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning use specialized tools to remove various carpet stains for homes and businesses around the Triangle area. The team can treat plush carpets, textured plush carpets, frieze carpets, sculptured carpets, and Saxony carpets and in this article break down some of the various types of carpet and how the carpet cleaning pros handle removing stains and odors. 

Plush Carpets
Plush carpets do not hold stains, so beverage spills can be cleansed quickly and easily. Also, if a pet brings dirt into the home, the grime will not adhere to the fibers. 

Pro Tip: A plush carpet must be cleaned with a vacuum each day. Also, the fibers should be dry cleaned by a carpet cleaning technician twice a year.

Textured Plush Carpets
Homeowners who need more durable carpeting choose textured plush carpets. The material lasts longer because the tuft is placed at various heights.

Pro Tip: To maintain textured plush carpeting, daily vacuuming will be required. In addition, a carpet technician must shampoo the fibers annually.

Frieze Carpets
Frieze carpeting can be installed in elegant or casual environments because it has a shaggy and twisty surface. If residents constantly step on the loops, the material will never crush. Frieze carpeting has nylon fibers, which hide footprints very well.

Pro Tip: Dirt and debris can be removed with a vacuum and a carpet rake. However, to maintain the integrity of the carpet, professional carpet cleaners must wash the fibers once a year.

Sculptured Carpets
A sculptured carpet has high and low fibers that are weaved together. Both fibers give the carpet a three-dimensional look.

Pro Tip: Although sculptured carpeting is complex, the cleaning process is simple. If the fibers are steamed cleaned, spot cleaned, and vacuumed regularly, the carpet will last for years. 

Saxony Carpets
A Saxony carpet is made out of a silk-like material. Each woven loop is dense, strong, and stain-resistant. The only disadvantage is that the carpet has a deep pile, so the fibers absorb grime and dirt very easily.

Pro Tip: A Saxony carpet can be vacuumed; however, to preserve the finish, never leave the vacuum on one spot for a long length of time. Because the fibers can absorb odors, professional cleaning services will be needed twice a year.

To learn more about carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal, contact our Raleigh carpet cleaning company today!