Should Carpets Be Cleaned Before Carpet Stretching?

Many people wonder whether they should get their carpet cleaned before they hire a carpet stretching company. Some people think that if a carpet stretching company cleans their carpet before stretching it, then their carpet will shrink up again. They also believe that the wrinkles return. However, this is an extremely common misconception.

It is better for you to have your carpet stretched by a carpet repair professional before you have it cleaned. Cleaning loosens the carpet. Your carpet will be more difficult to clean if it is loose. Think about what happens when you try to vacuum over a rug. When you attempted to do this, you likely had a big problem. The rug bunched up when you tried to vacuum over it. That is why it is nearly impossible for you to vacuum over a rug.

If your carpet has large ripples in it, then you may run into this same issue. You may not be able to clean your carpet as good if your carpet is not stretched beforehand. Many people ignore wrinkles in their carpet for a long time. Many of them were not bothered by the wrinkles at first. They may also think that it costs to much money to hire a carpet repair professional to repair the wrinkles.

In many cases, when carpet is stretched visible lines can be left behind. It is a lot like folding a paper in half. You will have a crease in the paper. There will be a line left in the carpet where the carpet was previously folded. You will cause these lines to go away if you clean the carpet after you stretch it.

If you want to ensure that your carpet is cleaned efficiently, then you will need to have it stretched by our experienced Cary carpet stretching team before you clean it. You will also be able to ensure that the visible lines are not left behind. If the carpet is pulled tight before you clean the carpet, then you will be able to ensure that the wrinkles do not come back after you clean it.

A power stretcher will be used to stretch the carpet. The machine will stretch the carpet from one wall to another. This is the only way to properly stretch a carpet. 

If you are interested in hiring our Cary carpet stretching pros, then don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment!