Raleigh Carpet Cleaning Secrets From Our Professionals

Carpet steam cleaning is something that should be left to professionals. However, if you want to clean your carpet yourself, then there are a number of tips that you can take from professionals. Below is a list of carpet cleaning secrets from our local carpet cleaners:

You Should Loosen The Dirt Before Cleaning The Carpet

It is a good idea to loosen the dirt in the carpet before performing carpet steam cleaning. You can loosen the dirt by vacuuming the floors. You should slowly run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet several times. This will reduce the amount of dirt that is pushed through the carpet during the steam cleaning process.

You Should Blot Stains Instead Of Rubbing Them

Even though steam cleaning carpets is necessary sometimes, you may be able to remove stains without cleaning the entire carpet. However, the key to removing stains is to blot them instead of rubbing them. When you rub the stains, you cause the particles to get deep down into the carpet. You can use a cloth or sponge and a cleaning solution to blot the stains.

You May Already Have What You Need To Clean Your Carpet

Steam cleaning carpets is one of the keys to getting and keeping them clean. However, you may already have something you can use to clean your carpet. Club soda is one of the things that you can use in order to clean your carpet. You will need to take a cloth and blot the area with club soda. If that does not work, then you can mix a little bit of vinegar with the club soda.

Shaving cream can also be used to remove stains from your carpet. In fact, just about any carpet stain can be removed with shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream directly to the stain and allow it to set for 30 minutes. Once the shaving cream has set, use a cloth to blot it.

Steam Clean Your Carpet At The Right Time

The time that you steam clean your carpet will affect how long your carpet stays clean. Local carpet cleaners advise against cleaning your carpet on days that are very humid or cold. The best time to steam clean your carpet is on warm, dry days.

Contact our carpet cleaning company if you need to have your carpet cleaned.