Living Room Carpet Cleaning Tips Explained by Our Professional Team

With time, your carpets will accumulate dirt, grime, and grease from the surrounding environment and becomes dirty. If you maintain the carpets properly, however, you can keep them clean and feeling like new in your home. Here are some carpet cleaning tips for clean bedroom carpets, living room carpets, and any others that you may have around the house.

Blot Stains

Rather than rubbing stains deeper into the carpet, lightly blot them after applying a carpet stain cleaner. This will only put a small amount of pressure on the stain in order to help absorb it. Use a cloth or paper towel, starting from the outside of the stain and blotting inwards.

Club Soda

Using club soda on stains is a great way to effectively fight them. Blot club soda on a stain and let it sit there for about 15 minutes before soaking it up with an absorbent cloth. Leave this cloth on the stain for about a day to ensure it is soaked up in its entirety. 

Clean Bedroom Carpets

Because you spend so much time sleeping in the bedroom, it is especially important that the carpets are clean and free of allergens. Get a high powered vacuum and vacuum the carpet at least once a week. Every six months, call your best local carpet cleaner to come in and do a thorough cleaning of the carpets to get any embedded dirt out.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Tips

Before cleaning a carpet, always make sure to test a spot that is inconspicuous to make sure that your carpet does not react with your cleanser. While you are cleaning your carpets, make sure to protect any surrounding furniture, subfloor, and carpet padding. Have someone help you remove the furniture near where the carpet is being cleaned. Before and after cleaning the carpet, thoroughly vacuum the area to get up any excess stain or liquid. Make sure any carpet that has been cleaned is completely dry after 24 hours in order to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the carpet or the padding. 

Best Local Carpet Cleaner

To have your carpets professionally cleaned and for more tips on how do to it yourself, call us today!