Keep Your Bedroom Carpet Spotless with these Cleaning Tips

There is nothing like the feeling of a thick carpet under your toes as you prepare to drink a glass of wine while binge watching Netflix after a long day’s work. That is, until the glass of wine slips and splatters all over your beautiful white bedroom carpet. Cleaning bedroom carpets – whether taking care of spots or long term maintenance – is necessary to preserve their pristine condition. Here are three carpet cleaning tips to get you started.

1. Vacuum regularly
This one seems a little self evident but did you know that vacuuming regularly will lengthen the life of your carpet and remove allergens before they build up in the fibers? Vacuuming regularly means once per week for a bedroom. 

Tips and tricks:
– Vacuum horizontally and vertically to ensure the fibers are thoroughly cleaned.
– Dust furniture before vacuuming so that the vacuum will pick up any dust particles.
– Vacuum more frequently than once a week if you own a pet.

2. Clean Spot Stains Effectively
Wine spilled on a white carpet doesn’t have to be a disaster! There are a variety of ways to treat spot stains. Choosing the best carpet cleaner for the type of stain is merely a matter of reading the labels.

There are also several options using items you have in your own home. 
– Use an enzyme based commercial cleaner for pet urine.
– Try shaving cream for general stains – leave set for half an hour then blot away.
– Use club soda to take out wine and beer stains or try water and vinegar.
– Try reheating wax that has dried into the carpet using an iron and a white cloth or paper towel. Be sure to be careful with the iron so as not to burn the carpet. 

Tips and tricks:
– Blot from the outside in.
– Always use a white cloth so as to prevent transference of color to your carpet.
– Blot spot with water after the stain is removed.
– Check out reviews to determine the best carpet cleaner for your stain.

3. Deep Clean Carpets Yearly
For clean bedroom carpets that wear well, professional shampooing is a must. Using a mixture of detergent and water, the carpet shampooer will remove dirt and grime completely from the carpet. There is really no substitute for shampooing your carpet as it is impossible to deep clean carpets with a vacuum. 

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