How Much Time Does It Take To Dry Carpet?

Cary carpet cleaning services are often asked about how long it takes for carpet to dry. People get their carpet cleaned for a variety of reasons. They may get their carpet cleaned to remove dirt, mold and pet dander. They may also get their carpet cleaned to extend the life of their carpet. 

Some people are worried about calling a carpet cleaning company because they had a bad experience with a carpet cleaner in the past. The best local carpet cleaners will get your carpet dried fast.

The Carpet Drying Time

There are many factors that will affect how long it takes for the carpet to completely dry. How dirty the carpet is, the humidity level inside of the home and the type of carpet will determine how long it takes for it to try. However, it should only take a few hours to dry. It should not take days.

Your carpet cleaning company will likely tell you it takes three to six hours for the carpet to dry. However, it is a good idea to wait until the next day before moving heavy furniture.

What Happens if the Carpet Stays Wait Too Long?

If your carpet stays wet for more than one or two days, then the carpet will begin to smell. The carpet will develop mold if it stays wet for longer than 72 hours. The carpet will have to be treated with a microbial agent. Wicking is another problem that can occur if the carpet does not dry quickly enough. This is when the stains return.

What Causes Over-Wetting?

The inexperience of the person who is cleaning the carpet is one of the things that can cause over-wetting. It takes a lot of practice in order for the best local carpet cleaners to know how much product to use. It also takes practice to know how to properly use the equipment. Additionally, if the equipment is not functioning properly, then the carpet may stay wet too long.

How to Make Sure the Company Will not Overwet my Carpet?

You will need to read online reviews before hiring a company. You will also need to consult with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, you should ask questions. Ask the company how long it takes the carpet to dry.

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