Eliminate Stubborn Pet Stains with Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

There are few things that can make your home’s carpet look more unsightly than pet stains. Even well-trained, housebroken pets can leave behind stains from time to time. After all, accidents can and do happen, and pets can also get sick inside the home and leave behind other stains on your carpet. You may have used carpet cleaning products initially to remove the mess immediately after the accidents happened, but these products can still leave behind stains and even odors. Some leave behind a soapy residue that actually attracts more dirt. When you want your carpet to take on a like-new appearance that is free of stains, you have a few options for carpet pet stain removal. 

Steam Cleaning Your Carpet on Your Own 

Steam cleaning is usually an effective way to thoroughly remove pet stains as well as related odors. Through steam cleaning, the carpet will be cleansed with warm steam, and some cleaning methods even use carpet shampoo. The vacuum then sucks the moisture as well as any remaining pet debris up and out of the carpet. The result is that your carpet will likely look like new again. 

Using Professional Carpet Pet Stain Removal Services

As beneficial as steam cleaning is for carpet pet stain removal, there are some downsides associated with steam cleaning your carpet on your own. For example, this is labor-intensive work that may require you to move furniture and other heavy items out of the way. The steam cleaning machine is often heavy because of the water inside of it. In addition, some do-it-yourself machines leave behind an incredible amount of water, and this creates sopping wet carpeting that can take hours or even days to dry out. Professional services give you the results you want without the downsides. 

If your home’s carpeting is plagued by one or more pet stains, you may be scratching your head wondering what steps you can take to eliminate those unsightly stains from your home. At first glance, cleaning the carpet on your own sounds like a great idea, but you can see that it does have many downsides. When you want the best results possible with minimal downsides, a smart idea is to contact us for professional carpet pet stain removal service.