Easy & Effective Ways to Keep Your Home’s Carpet in the Best Shape

Carpet is one of the best materials for flooring when it comes to comfort and reliability. Those of us who live in the colder areas can probably vouch for how terrible it is to wake up late at night and walk on an ice cold tile floor.

With that being said carpet does provide some unique challenges in terms of cleaning. The bane of a carpet owner’s existence by far is staining. A typical carpet owner is going to face the unique challenges of carpet stain removal and for pet owners out there pet odor removal and pet stain removal. Let’s discuss general carpet stain removal first.

Carpet stains are best treated as soon as the spill occurs. Your best bet is to soap up the offending staining material by blotting it gently then applying a cleaning product specifically per the manufactures directions. The longer the stain sits, the less likely that the removal will be successful. Pet odor removal and pet stain removal are a whole other category.

The problem with pet messes is not just general staining of your beautiful carpet but also the offending odor that is left behind as well especially for cat owners. It is also a problem because even if the odor is treated and masked by a generic cleaning product, the smell is likely still there that will entice your furry companion to make the same mistake on their new favorite area.

One of the tried and true home treatments for pet stains and odors is a baking soda and vinegar combo. This will generally help treat fresh accidents from your furry troublemaker quite effectively. However, the longer the stains are present the deeper the stain and scent becomes. The problem with many commercial cleaners not suited for pet stain removal is that they mask rather than remove the traces of pet accidents in carpet.

To help with this problem for more set in stains, there are specific products available that you can purchase which have enzymes that help to break down the offending stains in your priceless carpet. The products don’t just mask the odor, but rather eliminate it at its source deep in the carpet fibers and backing. However, no matter what you purchase at the store sometimes a professional is the best solution.

A professional is going to have access to higher quality industrial grade carpet cleaning products and equipment that you can only dream of. It does not matter if you just moved into a new home that has some residual odor, or perhaps found some hidden presents from your furry friends, a good commercial carpet cleaning company can help address your concerns. They will have the expertise and products available to get your carpet back in prime shape again in no time. Click here to schedule an appointment with our exceptional staff today!