Beautiful High-Sheen Tiles with Professional Tile Cleaning

It happens in every home, even the cleanest homes- the tile becomes dull, lackluster and dingy. Cleaners leave film, soap scum builds up and hair spray can cause the tiles to be sticky and dirty. So, what can be done to help these tiles look beautiful again? 

Home Remedies
Well, some people try tile cleaning tips like mixing vinegar, borax and ammonia into a cleaning solution. This will lift off built-up residue, making tiles appear brighter and cleaner. Baking soda and water can be used to refresh the grout around the tiles. Just apply and use a toothbrush to scrub it. Rinse and (hopefully) watch your grout whiten. Do these really work? Yes, but with only minimal results and maximum scrubbing effort. Is it really worth it? Well, that is totally up to the home owner. 

Professional Cleaners
A much easier, yet more costly solution is to call in the pros. While it certainly cost more than the do-it-yourself approach, it will save you time and effort. Professional tile cleaners have the equipment to do deep tile and grout cleaning. Using hot water and a pressure washer, they are able to get the grime up. A quality local floor cleaning service will also know how to reseal grout, how to apply new colors to sanded grout, and how to get a high sheen back on older grout. 

Tile grouting and replacement can also be done by a good local floor cleaning service. Stains that are not too deep can be sanded out, allowing the beautiful colors below the stain to show through again. 

After the professional tile cleaners come and get your floors looking bright and new again, be sure to keep your floors sparkling by using these tile cleaning tips:

  • Sweep first
  • Use a soft mop
  • Use a tiny bit of dish detergent

You could also use our tile cleaning company to perform regular maintenance on your tiles. Specially formulated, neutral PH tile cleaning products and low pressure steam will keep those tiles beautiful for years to come. Contact our professional floor cleaners today.