9 Steam Cleaning Carpet FAQs from Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning

As Raleigh steam cleaning professionals, we utilize our experience and knowledge to remove dirt, allergens and common stains from carpeting materials giving your home a clean and fresh look. Here are a few questions customers often ask about our residential carpet cleaning with steam equipment:

What Is Steam Cleaning Of Carpeting?
Professional steam cleaning equipment uses heated water and detergents to remove dirt from carpeting while simultaneously vacuuming up the contaminants and moisture from the fibers. It is one of the most effective ways to treat carpeting while protecting carpet fibers. 

Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Carpeting?
Today’s carpet manufacturers recognize steam cleaning as the preferred method for keeping carpeting clean and odor-free. 

Doesn’t Steam Cleaning Soak the Carpet Backing and Padding?
Modern equipment regulates the amount of moisture that enters the carpeting material. It does not soak through to the backing and padding. 

What Should I Do Before the Cleaners Arrive?
Customers need only remove small items from the cleaning area and vacuum the carpeting to prepare it for cleaning. 

Do You Move Furniture To Clean Thoroughly?
We will move many types of furniture, including chairs, tables, sofas, nightstands and armchairs. However, we cannot move beds or furnishings that hold electronic items. These units are too complex and should be moved by the owner, if required. 

Can Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Stains and Odors?
Pet stains and odor is a particular problem for carpeting because the problem can sink deeper into the carpet padding. For surface stains, steam cleaning can do a good job of carpet stain removal, but for deeper odor problems, you may have to have all layers of the carpet cleaned individually. Replacement of the carpet may be required. 

Do Carpets Need Pre-Treatment Before Cleaning?
If you have a deep stain on your carpet, you should contact the cleaning company to see if they offer a pre-treating carpet stain removal compound to use 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

How Long Does It Take For My Carpeting To Dry?
After cleaning, your carpeting should only be damp to the touch. Drying with generally take one to five hours. You can hasten the drying process by opening the windows to let in air, if the weather allows it. But if the weather is inclement, the carpet will dry without further measures in a few hours. 

Is Professional Steam Cleaning Better Than Do-It-Yourself Cleaning?
Do-it-yourself measures can do some measure of surface cleaning, but for a deep-down cleaning and sanitizing, you need the high-tech equipment and knowledgeable service of a professional residential carpet cleaning company. 

To enjoy the fresh, odor-free environment that steam-cleaned carpeting provides, call our Raleigh steam cleaning company today to schedule an appointment.