9 Situations You Don’t Want to Deal with Carpet Repair by Yourself

When it comes to carpet repair in Raleigh, there are some situations that should be left to professionals. Rather than risking further damage, it is better to call a carpet repair company to fix the following problems.

Fuzzing is a common issue that occurs when fibers become loose and accumulate at the carpet’s edge, where they will need to be cut. A professional who can fix damaged carpet will do this job right.

Furniture Dents
Any piece of heavy furniture will leave unsightly indentations in carpet. While this problem can be resolved with club soda, a towel and an iron, it is less risky to leave it to an experienced carpet crew.

Carpet burns occur often in homes with smokers. While small burn areas can be removed with scissors, large burns will require a new piece of carpet, which should be installed by a professional who can fix damaged carpet.

Snagging and Shedding
It is normal for carpets to shed through normal use, but snags are a more serious issue. Rather than pulling the loops out, they should be trimmed by a carpet repair company.

Crushing and Shading
High traffic areas in a home will eventually result in crushed and flattened areas, causing a shading effect. If vacuuming the area does not improve the appearance, it may be helpful to have the carpet cleaned.

Sprouts are tufts that sit on top of a carpet. As with snags, sprouts should be trimmed down by a carpet repair company rather than manually pulled out.

Crocking and Bleeding
Crocking is a loss of carpet color that occurs with rubbing or other contact, which means it cannot be steam cleaned or otherwise come into contact with water. Bleeding is when color is transferred from one part of a carpet to another. Replacing the underlayment can improve problems with bleeding.

When a home’s interior environment becomes too dry, static electricity can build up in a carpet. Using a humidifier and having the carpet cleaned and sprayed with an anti-static agent can help.

Carpet Beetles
Carpet beetles are a nuisance as they will eat hair, fur, flour, seeds and wool. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner and avoiding spills on the carpet can keep beetles at bay, but if they persist, professionals will need to be called.

Those who need experienced carpet repair in Raleigh should call and schedule a consultation.