8 Crucial Carpet Cleaning Tips to Give Your Carpet That Desired Look

Thoroughly cleaned, and expertly handled carpets will last twice as long. Bring the pride of your home back to life with these top tips for clean carpets at home.

1. Vacuum Before Washing 

Always vacuum before washing to make your cleaning easier, and to reduce the risk of clogging up your carpet washer with objects such as needles and pins.

2. Deal With Spills Instantly

An accident spill can become an ugly, permanent stain. If you cannot access your carpet cleaner instantly, you can place some clean sheets on top of the affected area to soak up the spill as much as possible. Avoid rubbing on the stain.

3. Check a Small Area First

If it is your first time washing the carpet, and you are unsure of its colorfastness, try your carpet cleaner on a small inconspicuous area first. Or still, contact some of the best local carpet cleaners on advice on how to deal with the situation. 

4. Corners and Gaps

If your carpet cleaner doesn’t reach far up to the skirting, you can reach these corners and gaps using the hose and wash tool.

5. Use Recommended Cleaning Solution

You could easily come across a good deal on a certain cleaning solution, but does your carpet cleaning company approve of it? If your carpets contain wool, ensure the bottle has a “Wool safe” approved logo. Using the wrong solution may produce excess foam in the washer resulting in a less sparkling and damaged carpet, or a damaged cleaner.

6. Wash Routinely

Do not give the washes a long duration. Sometimes, dust gets ground and embedded in the carpet fiber that vacuuming cannot help remove such dirt. With time, such dirt makes your carpet look frayed and worn, and the appeal that once amazed you is gone!

7. Focus on Stubborn Stains

High-traffic areas such as hallways and doorways are at risk of getting stubborn stains. This could be grease or permanent dye stains, and is best tackled by the hose and wash tool. You should also pre-treat these areas severally if the dirt doesn’t breakdown. You also need to contact the best local carpet cleaners for more advice on how to remove other stubborn stains.

8. Leave Doors and Windows Open

If your carpet cleaner has a “heated cleaning” effect, it should pick up most of the moisture. Still, you may speed up the time it takes for your carpet to dry by leaving the doors and windows open.

Follow these tips for clean carpets at home, and you will add life and beauty to your residence. Remember that seeking the assistance of a carpet cleaning company regularly is important for the best results when handling specific carpet fibers.

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