3 Reasons Pet Owners Clean, Repair and Replace Your Carpeting

Many people who hire our Cary NC carpet cleaning services have pets. Many people think that they need to have their carpet replaced after their pet has damaged the carpet. However, you can save thousands of dollars by getting a pet stain removal service and carpet odor removal instead of having the entire carpet placed.

Reason #1 for Carpet Repair-Clawing

Pets claw for a variety of reasons. Some pets claw because they are young and frisky. Others claw because they are trying to get out of a room. Many pet owners are amazed at how much damage can be done to a carpet by clawing. If you have berber carpet, then it is even more likely to be damaged. A pet can quickly shred a carpet if they claw at it enough. Fortunately, our Cary NC carpet cleaning services can replace the shredded pieces of carpet.

Reason # 2 for Carpet Repair-Stains

If a pet accident is not treated right away, then the stain itself will be the least of your problems. The leak can leak through the carpet and into the floor. This can create an unpleasant odor that you may not be able to get rid of. A pet accident can also cause an unpleasant odor. A professional will have to cut through the carpet in order to treat the floor and clean it. The floor will have to completely dry before the carpet is put back.

Reason # 3 for Carpet Repair-Using the Wrong Solvent

It is common for people to attempt to fix their clean their own carpet by using store-bought solutions. However, many people use the wrong products to perform carpet odor removal. Many of the solvents today are too harsh to be used on your carpet. You may end up stripping the carpet of its color if you use harsh solvents. A section of the carpet will have to be replaced in order to repair the carpet. However, you may not to have any part of the carpet replaced.

The key to restoring your carpet is to call a professional as soon as possible. Not only will the stains be removed, but your carpet will smell great. Even if your carpet is old and full of stains, we can still make it look great again.

If you are in need of pet stain removal services, then you can contact us.