3 Questions to Ask Your Home Carpet Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them

When it comes time to schedule your home carpet cleaning, the first thing many people do is search online to make a list of local carpet cleaners to call first. Experts in home carpet cleaning should be capable of making any carpet look and smell like new. There are a number of important questions to ask these carpet cleaning companies before scheduling and even during their visit to provide an estimate. We receive many of these questions ourselves and thought we would share them with you to help you narrow down the possibilities among carpet cleaners and ask each business questions about what they offer.

1. What Techniques Are Used to Clean the Carpets? 

The first question to ask about is what kind of cleaning technique they employ. The average person rarely knows this, but there is more than one way to go about cleaning carpets. Not unexpectedly, some methods are more thorough than others. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is widely accepted as the best method of cleaning carpets, so if you have deep stains or foul odors, then steam cleaning is your best option in most cases. However, do ask how they would treat your specific situation. If a company uses a different technique, do some research online to find out if it is an equally good method. Don’t be afraid to ask details about their individual cleaning process. After all, true experts will know how their cleaning technique works and will be happy to answer questions.

2. How Long Will It Take You to Clean My Carpets/Rooms?

Next, find out how long the process of home carpet cleaning will take from start to finish for your given circumstances on number of rooms, hallways, rugs, etc. The carpet cleaner professional needs to set up their equipment and then clean the carpet, but the process doesn’t end there. It usually takes hours for a carpet to dry, so ask each prospective company how long it will be before the carpet can be walked on or furniture moved back into the room or cleaned area.

3. What Is Their Availability Compared to Your Need?

It is important to also inquire about their availability to come to your home and clean the carpets. If you require your carpets to be cleaned and fully dry by a certain time, say for example a family outing is coming up or a group of friends are coming over, it is essential they are dry and back to normal before anyone shows up. Similarly, carpets should be dry before pets with potentially dirty feet walk on them, too. 

4. Is Their Company Insured and Is the Work Guaranteed?

Lastly, before agreeing to a particular carpet cleaner, ask about whether they are insured and whether their work is guaranteed. After all, replacing carpet may cost a lot of money. If for some reason the cleaning goes badly and the carpet is left damaged or ruined, it is important that the company chosen will take full responsibility for any mistakes in causing more damage. Similarly, if the results promised are not delivered, choosing a company that doesn’t guarantee their work will be a huge and expensive regret.

When ready to hire the right home carpet cleaners in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest or the Triangle region, give Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning a call today to ask any additional questions that may come to mind and to also make an appointment. Ask for Frank!