11 Quick Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

A hardwood floor can last longer than the house it’s in, but it does need regular cleaning. Our Raleigh hardwood floor cleaners are pleased to share these 11 professional hardwood floor cleaning tips with our customers to make sure their floors retain their beauty for years and even decades to come.

1. Clean Up Spills Right Away
Blot the spills up with a clean, soft, lint-free towel, then pat dry. Do not rub. It’s especially important to clean up those spills if the floor is waxed.

2. Use a Soft Bristle Broom
These brooms won’t scratch the wood or damage the grain, which is important if the grain is unusually beautiful. The soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner can also be used. Never use the beater bar on a wood floor!

3. Use Only Damp Mops
A sopping wet mop can cause a hardwood floor to swell and warp. Use a mop that is just damp. Make a pass over the floor, rinse the mop out, then make another pass over the floor. This makes sure that all the grit and grime has been cleaned up.

4. Use the Right Cleaner
Harsh cleaners should never be used on a wood floor. Use only those cleaners that state that they are appropriate for wood floors on the label. A homemade cleaning solution for floors that are presealed or epoxied is a capful of white vinegar or lemon juice and a quart of hot water.

5. Do Not Use Water Based Cleaners on Waxed Floors
Another professional hardwood floor cleaning tip is to avoid water based cleaners on waxed floors. They will take away their gleam, and make them dull.

6. Add Rugs and Runners to the Wood Floor
Rugs and runners not only protect the floor from dents, dings and spills, but are pretty to look and break up a great expanse of floor in an esthetically pleasing way.

7. Vacuum the Rugs Regularly
The rugs and runners on the wood floor need to be vacuumed frequently to keep dirt and grime from passing through them to the floor beneath.

8. Lift Furniture, Don’t Drag It
Dragging furniture leaves scratches and dents on the floor. If furniture must be moved to clean the floor beneath it, use gliding pads or even a couple of strong men.

9. Don’t Walk on the Floors With High Heels Or Cleats
Obviously, high heels and cleats will ding and eventually ruin wood floors. 

10. Shoes Off
A good rule is to have people simply take their shoes off when they come into the home. Footwear should be left on the welcome mat or stored in a shoe cubby in the entrance hall.

11. Read the Instructions
Read, understand and follow the instructions that come with the wood floors to make sure they last a long time.

For more information or for cleaning, repair and maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact our Raleigh hardwood floor cleaners at Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning. Reach us at 919-977-6647.