10 Reasons to Call a Professional Steam Cleaning Company

Many people attempt to steam clean their own carpets. However, the job of steam cleaning carpets is often best left to a professional. There are several reasons you should consider calling a professional steam cleaning company. Below is a list of reasons that you should call a professional:

1. Intense Dog Slides

Dogs like to rub themselves in carpet. This can cause stains and odors to develop in the carpet. That is why you should call a professional steam cleaning company if your carpet has been damaged by dogs.

2.Too Much Ketchup

Ketchup can be difficult to remove from carpet. That is why it is best to call a professional if you have ketchup in your carpet.

3. Long-Lasting Injuries

Blood is even harder to remove from carpet than kitchen is. You should call a professional who performs carpet cleaning in Raleigh NC if there is blood on the carpet.

4. Creative Child’s Play

Children can do a lot of damage to carpet. Crayons, drinks, chalks and play-doh are examples of some of the things that can damage carpet.


Children drinking kool-aid in a carpeted area is a recipe for disaster. Kool-aid has a lot of dye. Fortunately, steam cleaning carpets helps remove kool-aid stains.

6. Wine Stains

Kids are not the only ones who can damage a carpet. Adults have a tendency to spill wine during the holidays.

7. Pet Tinkles

Cats and dogs may have accidents on the carpet even if they have been trained. Professionals who perform carpet cleaning in Raleigh NC are the best ones for the job.

8. Poo-Poo Stains

Every indoor animal may occasionally have an accidental poo on the carpet. Professional steam cleaning can help remove poo poo stains on the carpet.

9. Auto Accidents

If you walk around the carpet carrying antifreeze or oil, then some of it can spill on your carpet. Both antifreeze and oil are considered code-red items. That is why it is important to call a professional.

10. Strange Stains

In some cases, people do not know where the stains come from. If you have a stain that you cannot identify in the carpet, then it is time to call a professional.

You should contact our company if you are in need of a professional steam cleaning company. We can remove the toughest stains from your carpet and make it look like it is new again.