10 Carpet Cleaning Tips From Our Pro Carpet Cleaners

Even if you are meticulous about keeping your home clean, your carpet will still get dirty. You should hire professional carpet cleaners. If you choose to do this yourself, then there are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind. Below is a list of 10 carpet cleaning tips:

1) Vacuum Your Carpet Before Cleaning It: Before you attempt to clean your carpet, you should vacuum it. You should try to get up as much dirt, hair and dust as you can. This will make carpet cleaning a lot easier.

2) Move All Furniture: Professional carpet cleaners recommend that you move all furniture so that you can clean your carpet properly. This will prevent uneven wear and discoloration.

3) Take Care Of Spills Immediately: If something spills on your carpet, then you should get it up immediately. Most spills can be cleaned up with just water. You may not need professional carpet stain removal if you clean up a spill as soon as it happens.

4) Do Not Rub Stains: This is one of the most important carpet cleaning tips that you will need to keep in mind. Rubbing stains can cause them to spread. It will also cause the fiber of your carpet to weaken. This will shorten the lifespan of your carpet.

5) Remove Pet Stains Before Steam Cleaning Your Carpet: If you will be steam cleaning your carpet, then you will need to remove the pet stains beforehand. The hot water can cause pet urine to crystallize. This can result in permanent odors and stains.

6) Do Not Use An Iron On Your Carpet: You may have heard that you can use an iron on your carpet in order to dry up a stain. However, this can cause the stain to set and become a permanent part of your carpet.

7) Let Your Carpet Dry Completely Before Putting Back The Furniture: If the carpet does not dry completely, then it can easily accumulate mold. It can also soil again.

8) Use The Right Products: All carpet cleaning products are not created equal. You should make sure that you use ones that are of high-quality.

9) Do Not Overwet Your Carpet: Using too much water can lead to mold growth.

10) Clean Your Carpet Regularly: Carpet will typically need to be cleaned once or twice every year.

If you need professional carpet stain removal, then you should give us a call.